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Thomas Gale Moore
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Recent Publications and Working Papers

Papers on Evolutionary Psychology, Economics and Religion

Book in PDF On Progress A work on what progress is, why it is important, and whether it will continue.

An op-ed "How to Reduce Terrorism"
An op-ed "A Humbler Foreign Policy" February 13, 2003
An op-ed "Learning from History", June 25, 2003
An op-ed "The Iraq War: Is the United States Better Off?" March 3, 2004
An op-ed "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy" May 6, 2004
An op-ed "The Charge of the Coalition Forces" May 21, 2004
An op-ed "Pride, Patriotism, and Propaganda" June 9, 2004
An op-ed “The Curse of Oil” June 30, 2004
An op-ed “A Win/Win Exit Strategy” September 30, 2004
An op-ed "Israel's Quagmire" August 5, 2006
An op-ed "The Wisdom of Cutting and Running" August 8, 2006
An op-ed "Leaving Iraq is not Enough" August 30, 2006
An op-ed "What is Victory?" September 7, 2006
An op-ed "Understanding Why Iraq is a Disaster" September 12, 2006
An op-ed " President, Right or Wrong" September 30, 2006
An op-ed " October Surprise?" October 5, 2006
An op-ed" Bush 0-to-3 with ‘Axis of Evil’" October 13, 2006



A Paper on Transportation regulation and deregulation over the last 30 years

Global Warming papers

Transportation and Regulation Papers

Available now, March 2, 2001, for free, chapter by chapter, at The Cato Institute's site, Moore's book:
or download the e-book in PDF here:

Climate of Fear: Why We Shouldn't Worry about Global Warming

Reviewed in the New York Times, July 5, 1998


Also see Dan Seligman "The Gang That Couldn't get the Cocktail Hour Right" in Forbes January 12, 1998 for a discussion of Moore's views on the benefits of Global Warming. Also see picture from Forbes.

Professional Biography of Thomas Gale Moore

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With mDNA and DNA marker of Y chromosome. Updated May 2002

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