Thomas Gale Moore


Tom is married to Cassandra Chrones, a scholar in her own right with many publications to her credit. They were married in New York City on December 28, 1958 and have two children, Charles (1960) and Antonia (1964). Charles married Kathleen Ferry in 1988 and they now live in Redmond Washington with their two children, Thomas (1991) and Charlotte (1994). Tonia married Tom McNichol in 1997 and they now live in San Bruno, California. Tom and Cassandra currently live in Palo Alto, California.


My Parents and Genealogy Chart.

Tom & Thomas (1997)


Charlotte (1997)

Charles, Kathleen, Thomas, and Charlotte, Christmas 2004


Click on small minitures for pictures of Cassandra, ,
Charles and his wife, Kathleen
Tonia and her husband, Tom .

Also see a picture of the whole family in the Greek mountain village of Tsintzina. To see some pictures of the village and a description of Tsintzina


Tom Moore has been collecting data on rainfall since 1978, except for the years 1985-89, when he was at the Council of Economic Advisers. Since 1979, he has also been recording the high and low temperatures every day that he is in town. You can find charts and some of the data on Weather Updated May 5, 2000.

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