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Nandita Bhaskhar

nanbhas at stanford dot edu


About Me

I am a PhD student in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, where I develop robust machine learning (ML) models for healthcare. At Stanford, I am lucky to be advised by Daniel Rubin and work with amazing collaborating PIs - Akshay Chaudhari, Christopher Lee-Messer, Jonathan Chen, and Wui Ip, check out my research page for details.

I am broadly interested in developing alternate sources of supervision for medical data such as observational supervision using passively-collected event logs and self-supervision strategies for data-efficient medical representation learning. The second pillar of my research is developing strategies for quantifying model trust and mitigating distribution shifts for reliable clinical deployment.

Since Spring 2020-21, I initiated and co-organize the Stanford MedAI Group Exchange Sessions, an inter-institutional weekly series featuring invited speakers discussing core AI/ML research in the context of medicine and healthcare. The talks are recorded/livestreamed and made publicly accessible on our YouTube channel.

Outside of research, I have several interests that span a wide gamut of things - including but not restricted to - travelling, social dance, gardening, music, art, creative writing, getting lost, hiking, biking and exploring new things.

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  • [Teaching] (2021/09/15) I'll be TAing Stanford CS229 (Machine Learning) again this Autumn 2021!
  • [Presentation] (2021/05/01) I'll be presenting our work on out of distribution detection at SIIM 2021!
  • [Blog] (2021/04/21) Check out my post on browser tab management to sort out your digital life
  • [Blog] (2021/04/15) My first post in the ML workflow series is out. Learn more about port forwarding and use it in your daily worklife!
  • [Blog] (2021/04/02) My post on multiplication amongst other things is out. Read on to know why (-1) x (-1) = 1 and some abstract algebra along with it!
  • [Professional] (2021/03/24) I'll be co-organizing the Stanford MedAI Group Exchange series from next week. We have an exciting line up of speakers!
  • [Mentoring] (2021/03/10) I'll be mentoring 3 undergrads over the summer for research as part of Stanford REU 2021 (Research Experience for Undergrads)!
  • [Presentation] (2020/12/10) I presented our work on predictive uncertainty estimation for EEG analysis at AES 2020!
  • [Grant] (2020/11/20) Won my first research grant (HAI)! Huge shout out to Daniel for all the help and support!
  • [Award] (2020/11/01) I won the 3rd place at the IIBIS AIMI Poster Session for my work on predictive uncertainty estimation for EEG analysis!
  • [Presentation] (2020/10/05) I'll be presenting our work on out-of-distribution detection for EEG analysis at the Pioneering NeuroHealth Symposium, 2020!
  • [Professional] (2020/08/20) I won the SPICE grant for my GradsTeachGrads initiative!
  • [Blog] (2020/08/17) My post on extracting activations from pre-trained models in PyTorch is out!
  • [Blog] (2020/08/10) My post exploring the nuances between sigmoids and softmax in ML applications is out!
  • [Blog] (2020/07/03) My post compiling some unifying notation on probabilistic classifiers from CS, math and stats is out!
  • [Blog] (2020/03/19) My post summarizing the pluses and minuses of each number system is out!
  • [Blog] (2020/03/18) My post on understanding one's cognitive distortions for better mental health is out. Check out those sketchonotes!
  • [Blog] (2020/03/01) I'm starting my new blog, Roots of my Equation. Keep an eye out for my blog posts!
  • [Professional] (2020/02/25) Unfortunately because of the recent buzz about International Students who are RAs not being allowed to volunteer as a CA, I am not allowed continue this year as a CA :(
  • [Teaching] (2019/05/31) I'll be TAing CS 229 (Machine Learning) this Summer!
  • [Professional] (2019/05/25) I've agreed to serve as the Student Advisor to the SERC team at DBDS!
  • [Award] (2019/05/20) I've been selected to be a CIRS scholar! I'll be starting to work with the this Fall!
  • [Mentoring] (2019/04/01) I'll be mentoring high school students this summer for research as part of SIMR 2019 (Stanford Institute of Medicine Summer Research)!
  • [Award] (2019/03/01) I've been awarded the UnifyID fellowship for this Spring!
  • [Professional] (2019/02/25) I'll be continuing this year as well as a resident EV Woods CA!
  • [Research] (2018/10/15) I'm switching fields!! I'll be working on machine learning for medical applications!
  • [Teaching] (2018/08/22) I'll be TAing CS 217 (Hardware accelerators for Machine Learning) this Fall!
  • [Professional] (2018/05/31) I'll be joining the Stanford IEEE student chapter this year as the Industry Chair!
  • [Professional] (2018/05/31) I've been elected the Co-President of GradSWE! Excited about the coming year!
  • [Internship] (2018/04/15) I'll be joining the SmartRF team at Qualcomm R&D for a summer internship in San Diego!
  • [Professional] (2018/02/25) I'll be continuing as a resident EV Woods CA this year!
  • [Presentation] (2017/09/24) We'll be presenting our poster on Axon Bundle Activation at TEATC (The Eye and the Chip) conference at Denver!
  • [Paper] (2017/08/01) Our work on axon bundle detection is now published in the Journal of Neurophysiology!
  • [Award] (2017/08/01) I've been awarded the IEEE Santa Clara Valley Women In Engineering (WIE) Scholarship!
  • [Professional] (2017/05/31) I'll be continuing as the Faculty Liaison in WEE this year!
  • [Professional] (2017/05/31) I'm honoured to serve as the Vice-President of GradSWE during the upcoming year!
  • [Award] (2017/03/22) Our team is a finalist at the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship - top 30 from among 200! We'll be flying to San Diego to present our work
  • [Teaching] (2017/03/01) Based on last time's success, Ashwin and I are re-offering our Splash course this Spring -- Magic, Mystery and Math!
  • [Professional] (2017/02/25) I've joined the amazing Graduate Community Associate (CA) team for Escondido Village! Go Woods!
  • [Teaching] (2017/02/25) I'll be TAing PSYCH 287 (Brain Machine Interfaces) this Spring!
  • [Award] (2016/09/01) Our research on Axon Bundle Activation detection has been awarded the Best Poster amongst over 200 at the BioX Annual IIP Seed Grant Symposium
  • [Professional] (2016/05/31) I've been elected the Faculty Liaison for WEE this year!
  • [Teaching] (2015/12/20) I'll be TAing EE271 (Intro to VLSI systems) this Winter!
  • [Teaching] (2015/09/21) I'm teaching another Splash course this Fall with Ashwin -- Magic, Mystery and Math!
  • [Teaching] (2015/09/01) I'll be TAing ENGR40M (Intro to Making) this Fall!
  • [Internship] (2015/03/15) I'll be joining the Advanced Technology team at Proteus Digital Health for a summer internship!
  • [Teaching] (2015/03/01) I'm teaching a Splash course this Spring with Ashwin -- the P in Poker!
  • [Award] (2015/02/07) Hurray! I passed the (notorious) EE quals at Stanford! Yup, ten 10-minute interviews with 10 professors who can quiz you on ANYTHING!
  • [Award] (2014/03/15) I've been awarded the Stanford EE departmental fellowship!
  • [Research] (2014/03/15) I'll be joining Stanford this Fall for grad school! Super excited!