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Productivity: Keeping tabs

A neat hack to maintain organized browser tabs across devices

ML Workflow: Working with remote machines

Learn how to use port forwarding techniques effectively for modern machine learning and data science workflows

On multiplication amongst other things

"When mathematicians encounter a problem, they define their way out of it." - a wise old saying.
A deep dive into abstract algebra to understand why (-1) x (-1) = 1

Intermediate Activations — the forward hook

How do you get intermediate activations from a PyTorch model?

Interpreting logits: Sigmoid vs Softmax

Sigmoid vs Softmax - a complete showdown. Know when to use each of them in modern machine learning

Some unifying notation: Probabilistic Classifiers

Some clarifying notation, definitions and problem set up in probabilistic classification

Number Systems

Summary of our number systems; and the gains and losses in moving from one system to the other

Understanding your Cognitive Distortions

A brief attempt to capture the essence of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as I understand it through minimal prose and pictorial representations. The first step is understanding your own cognitive distortions