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Human Biology
Summer Honors College

Thesis Topics
September 1999

Student Topic Readers
1. Chakravarthy, Arthi
Anthrax Dean Wilkening
Robert Siegel
2. Dayal, Manisha
Ischemic Protection by an ATPase Deficient Mutant of Heat Shock Protein GroEL Rona Giffard
Russ Fernald
3. Fries, Brook
Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence Janice Ross
4. Han, Win Thu
Psychological Predictors of Patient-Physician Relations Amongst Breast Cancer Patients Cheryl Koopman
Russ Fernald
5. Hou, Shelley
Formula feeding among the Zulus Paulla Ebron
6. Hsiang, Michelle
Using the Genbank Sequence Database to Isolate Novel Factors Regulating the Ovarian Follicle Function Aaron Hsueh
7. Lehman, Jessica
The "Disabled Community" Susan Okin
8. Lorenz, Katie
Comparison of German versus US Environmental Policy Armin Rosencrantz
9. Padilla, Veronica
The Effect of an Adolescent Woman's Representation of "Abuse" on Her Attitudes and Tolerance Abusive Relationships Shirley Feldman
10. Shadman, Ramin
Consequences of Web Based Medical Information Robert Siegel
11. Walton, Gregory
Mediational Processes of Stereotype Threat Phenomena Claude Steele


Thesis Topics
September 1998

Student Topic Readers
1. Karrie Cesario
Pike's Peak - Female Metablism at Altitude. Gail Butterfield
2. Nina Chinosornvatana
Traditional Responses to Gastrointestinal Disease in Rural Paraguay Bill Durham
(Cliff Barnett)
(Dionisio Gonzalez Torres)
3. Angel Fabian
HIV Risk Behavior in Young Latino Men: The Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Internalized Homophobia on Drug/Alcohol Use and Abuse and Perceptions of Promiscuity Raphael Diaz
Robert Siegel
4. Lindsay Heberling
Medical Pluralism and Health Seeking Behavior: Factor's Influencing Choice in a Chamacoco Village Cliff Barnett
Bill Durham
Karen Smith
5. Karen Huen
Dynamics of Karyopherin and Nucleoporin Interaction in Nuclear Transport Michael Rexach
6. Neeta Jain
Why don't people use Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)? Kenneth Pelletier
Don Barr
7. Shaun Kunnavatana
Multi-phenotype characterization of the Leu-1 B-cell subset in the human peripheral blood and tonsil Lee Herzenberg
8. Steve Park Lee
The effects of heart rate monitoring on baroreflex sensitivity. William Haskell Leslie Pruitt
9. L. LaShawndra Pace
Mental Health, Vitality, and Emotional Role Functioning in College Students: A Comparison of Bay-area Schools
Don Barr
10. Lindsay Mazotti mazotti@leland The Prevalence of Disordered Eating and the Female Performance Athlete: Does the risk increase at the collegiate competition level? Shirley Feldman
Stewart Agras
11. Tracey McLean
Healthy Families: California's attempt to make health insurance possible for all children. Don Barr
12. Carmen Morales morales@leland Low enrollment of Latino children in Medicaid.
13. Kelly Price
Motives and objectives of Japanese families who send their children to international schools while residing in Japan.
14. Yanin Senachai
The effect of intervention teams on police attitudes towards women Dr. Ami Laws
15. Sheryl Stapley
Cross-informant agreement in early childhood psychopathology: Clinical status and perceptions of symptomatology Helana Kraemer
Shirley Feldman
16. Samuel Williams samw@leland The Phenomena of Tissue-Specific Lipid Peroxidation (LP) and its Response to the Bile Pigments Bilirubin and Biliverdin in a Wistar Rat Model


Thesis Topics
September 1997

Student Topic Readers
1. Sulggi Angela Lee The Effects of Particulate Air Contamination (PM2.5) on Lower Acute Respiratory Illnesses in Santiago, Chile Donald Kennedy
(Ware Kuschner)
2. Rachel Beth Pelc The Role of Human Impact and Habitat on Zonation of Native Fishes in the San Francisco Bay Drainage Area Carol Boggs
(Alan Launer)
3. Jing-Chyi Chao Problem-solving strategies to counter academic stigmatization for women in math Claude Steele
(Robert Zajonc)
4. Katherine (Kate) Louise Stinger Spatial Analysis of Artifacts and Faunal Remains at Duinefontein 2, South Africa: Determining the Source of the Accumulation Richard Klein
(John Rick)
5. Nami Raj Jhaveri Assessing the sexual health risks of adolescent girls in rural and tribal communities of Gujarat, India Herant Katchadourian
Mark Mancall
Nadinne Cruz
Robert Siegel
Colleen Sheridan
David Woodhouse
7. Stephanie Renee Lloyd The Effect that the Knowledge that One Possesses an "Advantageous" Genetic Predisposition Has on the Lifestyle, Emotional State, and Attitude of the Carrier: The Pomaroli Family of Limone, Italy - A Case Study William Durham
(Donald Barr)
8. Valerie Sue Hsieh How highly stratified school systems or classrooms influence institutionalized concepts of abilty in German and American schoolchildren
9. Christina Bich-Chau Pham Comparison of cost-control mechanisms for high-cost medical technologies in the US and the UK and their effects on health outcome Donald Barr
Philip Davies
10. Marie Valentine Soller Mammography Screening for Women 40-49: An analysis of the interplay between Science, government, and the public Robyn Birdwell (Donald Barr)
11. Susan Elisabeth Bradford Donald Barr
June Flora
12. Kristine Renee Penner The Impact of the Immigrant Provisions of the Welfare Reform of 1996 on Mayfield Community Clinic: Is Patient Care Suffering? Donald Barr
(Irene Corso)
13. Stephanie Kris Surbida Donald Barr
Raymundo Espinoza
Luis Fraga
14. Sreyashi Jhumki Basu Targeting Children in Crisis: The Health of Street Children in Urban, Post-Communist Russia Bill Durham
Kathleen Morrison
Donald Barr
15. Margaret Lynne Isaac Changes in catecholaminergic responses to stress across the rat estrous cycle Dona Lee Wong

+ Readers in parenthesis are tentative or have not yet been asked.


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