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scl::SNonControlTaskParsedData Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

virtual bool initTaskParams ()
bool init (const std::string &arg_name, const std::string &arg_type, const std::vector< scl::sString2 > &arg_nonstd_params)
bool setParentController (const SControllerMultiTask *arg_parent)
virtual const std::string & getType () const
virtual const std::string & getName () const
virtual bool hasBeenInit () const

Public Attributes

const SControllerMultiTaskparent_controller_
std::string type_task_
scl::sBool has_been_activated_
std::vector< sString2task_nonstd_params_
std::string name_
sBool has_been_init_

Protected Attributes

std::string type_

Detailed Description

This class is used by the parser to load in the generic options for each class.

Also read the comments above for STaskParsedData

Member Function Documentation

virtual const std::string& scl::SObject::getName ( ) const

Get the object's type

virtual const std::string& scl::SObject::getType ( ) const

Get the object's type

virtual bool scl::SObject::hasBeenInit ( ) const

Get the object's type

bool scl::SNonControlTaskBase::init ( const std::string &  arg_name,
const std::string &  arg_type,
const std::vector< scl::sString2 > &  arg_nonstd_params 

Initialization function.

NOTE : This function also activates the task.

arg_nonstd_paramsThese are ignored during SNonControlTaskBase initialization. However, subclasses may choose to use them and/or require various values
virtual bool scl::SNonControlTaskParsedData::initTaskParams ( )

Processes the task's non standard parameters, which the init() function stores in the task_nonstd_params_.

NOTE: This function is called by init() and must be implemented by all subclasses. Else it will be impossible to initialize the task. Ie. init() will always return false.

Implements scl::SNonControlTaskBase.

bool scl::SNonControlTaskBase::setParentController ( const SControllerMultiTask arg_parent)

Sets the parent controller

Member Data Documentation

scl::sBool scl::SNonControlTaskBase::has_been_activated_

Whether the task is active or inactive Default = false. True after init()

sBool scl::SObject::has_been_init_

Whether the object is ready for use

std::string scl::SObject::name_

The object's name

const SControllerMultiTask* scl::SNonControlTaskBase::parent_controller_

The parent controller

std::vector<sString2> scl::SNonControlTaskBase::task_nonstd_params_

A set of additional options that may be used by users to initialize this specific task. These typically go above and beyond the standard options.

Eg.The parent link and the pos in parent, which are required by op point tasks but not by gc tasks. These will be stored like: task_options_[0].data_[0] = "parent_link"; task_options_[0].data_[1] = "base"; task_options_[1].data_[0] = "pos_in_parent"; task_options_[1].data_[1] = "0.0 0.0 0.0";

std::string scl::SObject::type_

The object's type. Should only be set by the constructor

std::string scl::SNonControlTaskBase::type_task_

The type of the task

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