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Standard Control Library : Control, dynamics, physics, and simulation
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scl::SRobotParsed Struct Reference

#include <SRobotParsed.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 SRobotParsed ()
virtual const std::string & getType () const
virtual const std::string & getName () const
virtual bool hasBeenInit () const

Public Attributes

< std::string, SRigidBody
std::vector< std::string > robot_tree_numeric_id_to_name_
< std::string,
SActuatorSetParsed, true > 
Eigen::VectorXd gc_pos_limit_max_
Eigen::VectorXd gc_pos_limit_min_
Eigen::VectorXd gc_pos_default_
Eigen::VectorXd damping_
Eigen::VectorXd actuator_forces_max_
Eigen::VectorXd actuator_forces_min_
sUInt dof_
Eigen::Vector3d gravity_
std::string log_file_
sBool flag_apply_gc_damping_
sBool flag_apply_gc_pos_limits_
sBool flag_apply_actuator_force_limits_
sBool flag_apply_actuator_pos_limits_
sBool flag_apply_actuator_vel_limits_
sBool flag_apply_actuator_acc_limits_
sBool flag_controller_on_
sBool flag_logging_on_
sBool flag_wireframe_on_
sFloat option_axis_frame_size_
sFloat option_muscle_via_pt_sz_
std::string name_
sBool has_been_init_

Protected Attributes

std::string type_

Detailed Description

This structure contains all the information required to construct a robot. Each robot is completely defined by a tree of such links.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

scl::SRobotParsed::SRobotParsed ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual const std::string& scl::SObject::getName ( ) const

Get the object's type

virtual const std::string& scl::SObject::getType ( ) const

Get the object's type

virtual bool scl::SObject::hasBeenInit ( ) const

Get the object's type

Member Data Documentation

Eigen::VectorXd scl::SRobotParsed::actuator_forces_max_

The actuators' max force values don't go outside this range

sutil::CMappedPointerList<std::string, SActuatorSetParsed, true> scl::SRobotParsed::actuator_sets_

A set of actuators that move this robot

Eigen::VectorXd scl::SRobotParsed::damping_

The damping (different for each dof)

NOTE TODO : Update the friction model. This could require a more sophisticated data structure than a simple vector.

NOTE TODO : Rename this to gc damping.

sUInt scl::SRobotParsed::dof_

The number of degrees of freedom of the robot

sBool scl::SRobotParsed::flag_apply_gc_damping_

Flags to control the simulation | Defaults -------------------------------------------—

Eigen::VectorXd scl::SRobotParsed::gc_pos_default_

The joint default positions

Eigen::VectorXd scl::SRobotParsed::gc_pos_limit_max_

The joint values don't go outside this range

Eigen::Vector3d scl::SRobotParsed::gravity_

The acceleration due to gravity for the robot

sBool scl::SObject::has_been_init_

Whether the object is ready for use

std::string scl::SRobotParsed::log_file_

The log file

std::string scl::SObject::name_

The object's name

sutil::CMappedTree<std::string, SRigidBody> scl::SRobotParsed::rb_tree_

The branching representation will store a tree of SRigidBody nodes and will maintain a mapping between their names and the nodes.

std::vector<std::string> scl::SRobotParsed::robot_tree_numeric_id_to_name_

The indices of the different links in the mapped tree

std::string scl::SObject::type_

The object's type. Should only be set by the constructor

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