The CS109 final is a 3-hour, closed book, closed calculator/computer exam. You are, however, allowed to bring six 8.5" x 11" pages (front and back) of notes in the exam, formatted in any way you like. The last page of the exam is a Standard Normal Table, in case you need it. Make sure to practice before the exam.


Final Exam
Wednesday, March 18
Cubberley Auditorium

Material Covered

The final will cover all material up through (and including) March 9 (Lecture 26).

Study tips

  • Hopefully you've kept the three pages of notes from the midterm exam. Use them on the final!
  • While you will need to write formulas/equations on your six pages of notes, make sure to practice before the exam. Here are some practice-exam-taking tips:
    • Even if you are short on study time, take practice exams before looking at the solutions.
    • When you take the exam, jot down the strategies and equations you think you would need to solve the problem. Finding the correct strategy is harder than cranking out the math to get a number.
    • In the solutions, we have gone ahead and tagged each question with the associated lecture/concept to help you review. This might be useful if you need to go back and review that part of the course. But don't let our notes define your exam-studying experience :)
    • If you are worried about running out of time on the real deal, take one of your practice exams in the full exam setting: three hours, six pages of notes, no internet (if you don't last the entire three-hours, at least try the first 60 minutes). Remember that some problems will be easier than others, so look through the entire exam before you get stuck on a particular problem. Make a mental note of which problems took you long to solve—and why—so you are prepared to tackle similar ones.
  • The final exam is comprehensive and tests everything you have learned in the quarter. However, because you have already studied for the midterm, start by reviewing the second half of the quarter first! The practice exams will help you identify what concepts from the first half of the quarter you need to brush up on.
  • At the end of the day, you know your studying habits the best. Follow this list of study tips if you don't know where to start, but don't let this bulleted list define your individual path to success. Good luck!

Essential Practice

Extra Practice

You can do it!