The CS109 midterm is a 2-hour, closed book, closed calculator/computer exam. You are, however, allowed to bring three 8.5" x 11" pages (front and back) of notes in the exam, formatted in any way you like. The last page of the exam is a Standard Normal Table, in case you need it. Make sure to practice before the exam.


Midterm Exam
Monday, February 10
Cubberley Auditorium

Review Session
Saturday, February 8
Sapp Center for Teaching & Learning (STLC) 111

Essential Practice

Extra Practice

Review Materials

These review materials were put together by Alex Tsun, a CS109 TA. These materials cover more material than you are responsible for. You only need to learn what is in the lecture notes/slides through discrete joint distributions. In addition, these notes contain a discrete uniform distribution (which we did not learn) and a continuous uniform (which we did learn). Be careful not to mix these two up!

Review session: Any materials used during the review session will be shared on this page afterwards.

Review Session

  • Review Session Slides
  • You can do it!