Schedule and Syllabus

Unless otherwise specified the course lectures and meeting times are Monday and Wednesday 3:00pm to 4:20pm in the Skilling Auditorium (map). The CA review sections are held on Friday from 3:30pm to 4:20pm in Gates B01.

Lecture Date Title Download Reading Instructor
1 4/03/2017 Introduction slides Silvio Savarese
4/03/2017 Problem Set 0 Released pdf
2 4/05/2017 Camera Models slides [FP] Ch.1
[HZ] Ch.6
Silvio Savarese
4/05/2017 Problem Set 1 Released pdf
starter code
TA 1 4/07/2017 Python Introduction and Linear Algebra Review slides Any linear algebra textbook
[HZ] ch.2,4
Boris Ivanovic
3 4/10/2017 Camera Models II and Camera Calibration slides [FP] Ch.1
[HZ] Ch.7
Silvio Savarese
4/12/2017 Problem Set 0 Due : 11:59PM
4 4/12/2017 Single View Metrology slides [HZ] Ch.2,3,8
[Hoiem & Savarese]
Silvio Savarese
TA 2 4/14/2017 Problem Set 1 Review
slides Helen Jiang
5 4/17/2017 Epipolar Geometry slides [HZ] Ch.4,9,11
[FP] Ch.7,8
Silvio Savarese
4/19/2017 Problem Set 2 Released pdf
starter code
6 4/19/2017 Stereo Systems slides [HZ] Ch.9, 18
[FP] Ch.7,8
Silvio Savarese
4/21/2017 Problem Set 1 Due: 11:59PM
4/21/2017 Project Proposal Due: 11:59PM
TA 3 4/21/2017 Problem Set 2 Review slides JunYoung Gwak
7 4/24/2017 Structure from Motion slides [HZ] Ch.10,18,19
[FP] Ch.13
[Szelisky] Ch.7
Silvio Savarese
8 4/26/2017 Active Stereo & Volumetric Stereo slides [Szelisky] Ch.11
[Savarese et al.]
[Seitz et al.]
Silvio Savarese
TA 4 4/28/2017 Course Project Outline slides Amir Sadeghian
9 5/01/2017 Fitting and Matching slides
annotated slides
[HZ] Ch.4,11
[FP] Ch.10
Silvio Savarese
5/03/2017 Problem Set 2 Due: 11:59PM
5/03/2017 Problem Set 3 Released pdf
starter code
10 5/03/2017 Detectors and Descriptors slides
annotated slides
Alex Alahi
TA 5 5/05/2017 Problem Set 3 Review slides Jingwei Ji
11 5/8/2017 Introduction to Recognition : Image Classification slides
annotated slides
[FP] Ch.6,16
[Hosang et. al.]
12 5/10/2017 Image Classification & 2D Object Detection slides
annotated slides
Silvio Savarese
TA 6 5/12/2017 Computer Vision Libraries slides Amir Sadeghian
13 5/15/2017 2D Scene Understanding slides
annotated slides
Ozan Sener
5/15/2017 Project Milestone Due: 11:59PM
5/17/2017 Problem Set 3 Due: 11:59PM
14 5/17/2017 3D Object Detection slides Silvio Savarese
TA 7 5/19/2017 Midterm Review slides Kenji Hata
5/19/2017 Problem Set 4 Released pdf
starter code
5/22/2017 Midterm 2016 Midterm The midterm is open book and open note.
No electronics will be allowed.
The midterm will be held in class (Skilling Auditorium)
15 5/24/2017 3D Scene Understanding slides Silvio Savarese
TA 8 5/26/2017 Problem Set 4 Review slides Boris Ivanovic
5/29/2017 Memorial Day - No Class
16 5/31/2017 Learning Visual Representations by Neural Networks slides Amir Zamir
TA 9 6/02/2017 Final Project Presentation slides Trevor Standley
6/02/2017 Problem Set 4 Due: 11:59PM
6/05/2017 Project Presentations Hewlett Video
6/07/2017 Project Presentations Hewlett Video
6/09/2017 Project Final Report Due: 11:59PM