CS 279: Structure and Organization of Biomolecules and Cells
(cross-listed as CME 279)
Fall 2014
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Course Information

Description: Computational approaches to understanding the three-dimensional spatial organization of biological systems and how that organization evolves over time. The course will cover cutting-edge research in both physics-based simulations and computational analysis of experimental data, at scales ranging from individual molecules to multiple cells.

Prerequisites: Elementary Programming Background (at the level of 106A), Introductory Course in Biology

Instructor: Ron Dror

TA: Michael Kim

Contact: Please use Piazza for questions related to lectures and assignments.
If you have issues that cannot be resolved on Piazza, you can email us at cs279-aut1415-staff@lists.stanford.edu

Class: Tuesday-Thursday 2:15-3:30, Braun Lecture Hall (Mudd Chemistry Building)

Announcements: All announcements will be made on Piazza.

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