JetSurF (Version 2.0)

Release date: September 17, 2010

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Download: Mechanism, Thermochemical, and Transport Databases in ChemKin format.


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Release notes:


JetSurF2.0 consists of 348 species and 2163 reactions. The development effort centers on n-dodecane and n-butyl-cyclohexane, but the model includes also the high-temperature chemistry of all n-alkanes up to n-dodecane, and mono-alkylated cyclohexanes, including n-propylcyclohexane, ethylcyclohexane, methylcyclohexane and cyclohexane.


The model is “un-tuned” and work-in-progress.  The development effort centers on achieving consistent kinetic parameter assignment and predictions for a wide range of hydrocarbon compounds.  This effort is reflected in the validation tests documented in the Performance that we know page.


JetSurF 2.0 is an extension to JetSurF 1.1 released in September 2009.


Some Model Details

The base model is USC-Mech II (111 species, 784 reactions) that describes the oxidation of H2 and CO and the high-temperature chemistry of C1-C4 hydrocarbons. The base model considers the pressure dependence for unimolecular and bimolecular chemically activated reactions, and was validated against experimental data ranging from laminar flame speeds, ignition delay times behind shock waves, to species profiles in flow reactors and burner stabilized flames.


JetSurF 2.0 was developed in two steps.  In the first step, USC Mech II was appended by a set of reactions describing the high-temperature pyrolysis and oxidation of n-alkanes from n-pentane to n-dodecane, leading to the release of JetSurF1.0.  In the second step, the high-temperature chemistry of cyclohexane and mono-alkylated cyclohexane was added, leading to the release of JetSurF1.1. 


The current version also includes limited low-temperature chemistry for cyclohexane and the alkylated cyclohexane compounds, though this part of the model remains weak and requires further work.


Additional model details may be found on the JetSurF1.0 and JetSurF1.1 web sites.


Lennard-Jones parameters for long-chain alkanes were estimated the correlations of corresponding states of Tee et al. [1], as discussed in [2].




1.   S. Tee, S. Gotoh, W. E. Stewart, I&EC Fundam. 5 (1966) 356-363.

2.   Holley, A. T., You, X., Dames, E., Wang, H., Egolfopoulos, F. N. Proc. Combust. Inst. 32 (2009) 1157-1163.