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Patricia Gumport Executive Director and Principal Investigator
Susan Watkins Director of Finance and Operations

Executive Committee

Peter Cappelli
George W. Taylor Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies, Professor of Management, Director, Center for Human Resources, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Patricia J. Gumport
Professor of Education, Stanford University.
Director, Stanford Institute for Higher Education Research.
Executive Director, National Center for Postsecondary Improvement.

William F. Massy
Professor Emeritus of Education and Business Administration, Stanford University.
President, The Jackson Hole Higher Education Group, Inc.

Michael T. Nettles
Professor of Education, University of Michigan.

Marvin W. Peterson
Professor of Higher Education, University of Michigan.

Richard J. Shavelson
Professor of Education, Former Dean of the School of Education, Stanford University.

Robert M. Zemsky
Professor of Education, University of Pennsylvania.
Director, Institute for Research on Higher Education.
Chair, Higher Education Division, Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania.


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