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Plasmid Maps and Sequences

Listed below are data on basic plasmids that are used as backbones for many retroviral constructs in the Nolan laboratory. Clicking on the name will open a page describing the vector with links to sequence files, material transfer agreements (MTAs), and cartoon representations of vector elements.

These vectors are available from Addgene.


pBMN-Z. This is the lab's standard retrovirus vector backbone that expresses lacZ. Most of the other library vectors and IRES constructs are based on this expression vector. A variant comes with GFP in place of the lacZ gene (see below).

pBMN-Z-IN. This retroviral vector expresses lacZ and has an IRES-NEO downstream.

pBMN-I-GFP. The pBMN backbone with IRES allowing for expression of GFP.




Related links:

MTAs and instructions for obtaining these vectors.


Download the sequence of pBMN-Z here.


A more detailed map of pBMN-Z can be viewed here.






Download the sequence of pBMN-Z-Ires-Neo here.









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