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FELIX Maps and Sequence

pTiger: Transfer Vector (highest titer)
pTiger Graphic Map
pTiger Sequence

pTiger-YFP: pTiger YFP control vector
pTiger-YFP Graphic Map
pTiger-YFP Sequence

pLionII: Transfer Vector (slightly lower titer, highest expression lvl)
pLionII Graphic Map
pLionII Sequence

pLionII-YFP: pLionII YFP control vector
pLionII-YFP Graphic Map
pLionII-YFP Sequence

pCPRDEnv: FIV PPR based second generation packaging vector
pCPRDEnv Graphic Map
pCPRDEnv Sequence

pCI-VSVG: CMV-VSVG expression plasmid
pCI-VSVG Graphic Map
pCI-VSVG Sequence


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