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The lab can be broadly described with two themes: (1) We use highly interdisciplinary approaches including theory and experiments to understand how computation is embodied in biological matter. Examples include cognition in single cell protists, morphological computing in animals with no neurons and origins of complex behavior in multi-cellular systems. Broadly, we invent new tools for studying non-model organisms with significant focus on life in the ocean - addressing fundamental questions of cell biology in context of its ecology? (2) We are dedicated towards inventing, building and scaling-up “frugal science” tools to democratize access to science such as Foldscope, diagnostics of deadly diseases like malaria and convening global citizen science communities to tackle planetary scale environmental challenges such as mosquito or plankton surveillance by citizen sailors mapping the ocean in the age of Anthropocene.



Prakash Lab
Stanford University
Shriram Center, Room 64
443 Via Ortega
Stanford, CA 94305-4125

Manu Prakash
Office: 009
Shriram Center
443 Via Ortega
Stanford University
Email: manup@stanford.edu

Lab Admin:
Jasmine Desiderio
Email: jdes@stanford.edu

Department of Bioengineering
Graduate Program in Biophysics
Affiliate Member, Stanford Woods Institute 
Institute Fellow, ChEM-H

Fellow, Leading Interdisciplinary Collaborations, Stanford Woods Institute

BioHub Investigator 

HHMI Faculty Fellow