Winters 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
BioE41: Physical Biology of Macromolecules

Principles of statistical physics, thermodynamics, and kinetics with applications to molecular biology. Topics include entropy, temperature, chemical forces, enzyme kinetics, free energy and its uses, self assembly, cooperative transitions in macromolecules, molecular machines, feedback, and accurate replication. Prerequisites: MATH 41, 42; CHEM 31A, B (or 31X); strongly recommended: PHYSICS 41, CME 100 or MATH 51, and CME 106; or instructor approval.

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Winter 2014, 2015
BioE337: Living Soft Matter

Integrated physical biology; from molecules to organisms. Tree of life, diversity of life forms. Multi-scale/hierarchical systems in biophysics, Hierarchical self-organization. Basic theory of squishy materials, colloidal physics. Phase transitions in living soft-matter. Experimental techniques in soft-matter physics. Active fluid models for living matter. Design of self-assembling and self-organizing, biomimetic supramolecular systems.

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