Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can I contact the organizers of IWSHM with any question?
A: Just send an email to: workshop [AT] Visit this link for more information.

Paper Submission

Q: What is the latest deadline for submission of the abstract/final paper?
A: Please visit this page for important dates.
Q: Can I give an oral presentation at IWSHM without submitting a final paper?
A: No.
Q: Where can I find a template to meet the style guidelines for paper preparation?
A: Please visit this link to get a template and guidelines.
Q: Is there any LaTeX template available for paper preparation?
A: No, only an MS Word file will be provided. However, you may use LaTeX to prepare your paper as long as you meet the style guidelines specified in the MS Word file.

Visa Letters

Q: What is the procedure to request an IWSHM invitation letter which is required to apply for the US visa?
A: Please send the following information to workshop [AT]
Name (as it appears in your passport)
Designation (Professor/Student/Scientist etc.)
Phone Number (in home country)
Title of your paper
Address (to receive hard copy of Invitation Letter):


Q: How do I nominate a person for an award?
A: Please visit this link to find more information about all awards.

SHM in Action

Q: Who can participate in SHM in Action?
A: All exhibitors, all presenters, and all participants.
Q: Is registration required for participation in SHM in Action?
A: Yes. Please go to this link.

Company & Institution Exhibition

Q: My company is registered as an exhibitor. Do I need to register myself?
A: Yes. A personal registration is required for each person who is present at the company booth.


Q: How can I contact the organizers of IWSHM with any question regarding registration?
A: Just send an email to: workshop-registration [AT]
Q: Where can I find registration rates?
A: Please go to this link.
Q: What are the modes of payment?
A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express credit cards on our online registration website. We also accept wire transfer, however there is $150 additional fees per registration. We will also accept checks at the on-site registration desk.
Q: Can I register more than one registrants at a time?
A: Yes, Once you go to the register website, select registration category for the first registrant, enter their profile information. Go to the next page. Before you complete the registration, click on the button 'Add Another Registrant'. You can register up to five (5) registrants at a time.
Q: How can I get an invoice? Can I also get a receipt?
A: Yes, please send us an email at workshop-registration [AT] if you want an invoice. Once the payment has been received, send us an email to get the receipt via email or we can also give it to you at the registration desk.
Q: Can I register on-site?
A: Yes, you can register on-site at our registration desk. You can also purchase parking permits, banquet/social night tickets, proceedings CD at the registration desk.
Q: What is the cancellation policy?
A: There is no fee for cancellation before August 1, $50 fee after August 1 before September 5. No refund after September 5. No refund for registration fees paid via wire transfer.
Q: When and where do I have to check in?
A: Upon your arrival at the Stanford University campus, please check in at the registration desk to pick up your name tag and any other items you may have purchased like proceedings, banquet/social night tickets etc.

Social Events

Q: Where can I purchase additional tickets for social events?
A: At the registration desk during the conference.