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21 March 2018 - Tad elected as Secretary of the American Society of Naturalists.

13 March 2018 - Po-Ju receives funding to attend the modelling population dynamics with PSPM course in The Netherlands, taught by Andre de Roos, Hal Caswell, and others.

12 March 2018 - Callie has been accepted to MBL Microbial Diversity course for this summer.

12 March 2018 - Our new work on Japanese apricot microbes receives support from Stanford's FSI Japan Fund and OIA International Research Exploration Fund.

8 March 2018 - Local newspaper, Kii-Minpo, publishes an article about nectar microbes in Japanese apricot, a new project with Kaoru Tsuji.

4 March 2018 - Oikos publishes Toju et al. 2018 as Editor's Choice.

2 January 2018 - We are kicking off 2018 with meeting presentations: Priscilla on avian microbiome at SICB, and Po-Ju on plant-soil feedback, Marion on nectar microbes, and Tad on Sutherland 1974 at ASN.

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