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  • An Experiment on Racial Diversity and Cognitive Complexity in College Students. Anthony Antonio and several colleagues and I just finished an experiment in which we showed that participating in discussions with racially diverse peers has positive effects in college students -- this study supports the claims of supporters of affirmative action programs in higher education. The study website is at:

  • Williams v. State of California, Expert Report regarding the condition of English Language Learners in the context of the lawsuit brought against the state for inadequacy and inequality in California schools. Click here for the lawsuit website. Click here for my expert report, which draws heavily from a research report prepared by Patricia Gandara and Russell Rumberger of UC-LMRI.

  • Medical update: Have you heard about my unstable angina episode? Read about it if you're interested (not nearly as exciting as my rock climbing accident).

  • My final comments on SAT-9 scores and the "Oceanside Miracle", based on 2002 scores.

  • My latest passion is in developing on-line courses that lead to the California CLAD (Crosscultural Language and Academic Development) certificate. My primary partners in this are Elsa Schirling (doctoral student) and Susan Baker (former student and now on the faculty at California State University - Sacramento). We are working with Teachscape, an on-line professional development and educational community company, to develop these courses. The course materials include video cases of ESL and content methodology teaching. With the help of another student, Kenneth Romeo, I am also developing the Lau Website which will contain content to support these courses. This site is still under development, but you can see the construction site by clicking here. We are testing a prototype of these courses with teachers at the San Francisco Unified School District -- check out the progress by visiting the course websites for Education 375, 376 and 377 under the button "Courses".