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I stay pretty busy, but I am always open to unsolicited communication as long as they are civil (in the areas that I work, civility is not always maintained). Here are suggestions for how to find me: first, e-mail me at, making sure that you include a distinctive subject header (avoid spam-killer keywords such as "discount", "offer", "enlarge" ... you get the picture!) I am not offended by reminder e-mails, but you should know that I do get annoyed at large attachments -- the best way to handle this if you'd like to bring a document to my attention is to post is to an url, and then putting a link to that url in your e-mail. You can also call me at my office at UC Merced, at (209) 724-XXXX and talk to my assistant, XXXX. Failing that, send me mail at: Kenji Hakuta, XXXX.