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I am not presently teaching courses at UC Merced, but I plan on teaching a freshman seminar when the campus opens. I have my course syllabi from Stanford archived below. Some of the powerpoints on the course lectures contain copyrighted materials (e.g., figures from course textbooks, illustrative newspaper articles for statistics) which I have posted on a personal decision that they are for an educational purpose, and if anything, they would help rather than hinder sales for the owner of the copyrighted materials.

I continue to offer on-line courses for the California CLAD Certification through Stanford University. This is continuing work that I began in 1999 in collaboration with San Francisco Unified School District, and joined by an on-line teacher professional development company, Teachscape, Inc., in 2001. Supported by grants from the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the U.S. Department of Education's Office of English Language Acquisition, most of the video content materials from these courses are available for free. Enrollment in courses through Stanford's Continuing Studies Program for university credit approved by the California Commission for Teacher Credentialing to obtain the CLAD Certification is available as well, for fee. There is a separate website for my CLAD certification materials, at -- for this work, I have recently been joined by a collaborator, Professor Guadalupe Valdes who will progressively take control of the work as I transition out of Stanford.