Some Publications


Information and Mind. Stanford, CA: CSLI Press, 2020.


The Philosophy of Westworld, in Vernallis, C., Kara, S., Leal, J., and Rogers, H. (eds.), Cybermedia: New Approaches to Sound, Music and Media, Bloomsbury (expected 2021).

Three Dogmas of Internalism, in Skokowski, P. (ed.), Information and Mind, Stanford, CA: CSLI Press, 2020.

Introspection and Superposition, in de Barros, J.A. and Montemayor, C. (eds.), Quanta and Mind, Springer, 2019.

Temperature, Color and the Brain: An Externalist Reply to the Knowledge Argument, Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 9(2), 2018.

One Philosopher is Correct (Maybe), Australasian Journal of Logic, 9(1), 2010.

Is the pain in Jane felt mainly in her brain?, Harvard Review of Philosophy, Vol 15, 2007.

Networks with Attitudes, AI and Society, 22(3) 2007, penultimate version. The original publication is available at

Structural Content: A Naturalistic Approach to Implicit Belief, Philosophy of Science, 71(3), 2004.

I, Zombie, Consciousness and Cognition, 11(1), 2002. [Penultimate Draft - PDF]

Information, Belief and Causal Role, in Moss, de Rijke, Ginzburg (eds.), Logic, Language and Computation, Vol. 2, Palo Alto: CSLI Press, 1999. [Penultimate Draft - PDF]

Can Computers Carry Content Inexplicitly?, Minds and Machines 4(3), 1994. [Penultimate Draft - PDF]

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