The point of this tool is to help you make sure that your output matches what we expected. On the assignment handout page you will find "Example Runs". Here you can test the output of your programs on the example runs charater by character against our output.

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  • Choose the assignment from the drop-down box on the left. (Its expected output should appear.)
  • Run your program and paste its output on the right. (If the program clears the console or does animation, you may want to copy from Qt Creator's internal console on the bottom of the window rather than from the pop-up console that the program runs in.)
  • Press Compare. Any differences will be shown.

Any comparison lines that begin with a < are those that occur in the expected output but are not found in the same place in your output. Lines that begin with a > are those that occur in your output but are not found in the same place in the expected output. If you see a < or > by itself with nothing after it, it probably means that you are missing a blank line from the expected output, or that you inserted an extra blank line by mistake. If you are having trouble figuring out which line is different, click the "Line numbers: Add" button.

Some assignments have creative output. In the expected output, this will be signified by text such as, << your verse goes here >> . You are not supposed to literally print this output from your program; you are supposed to print your own custom message in its place. If this tool shows your custom message as being unmatched, this is expected.

Assignments that use random numbers may be impossible to match exactly in output unless you use a "seed" to your random number generator. See the assignment's FAQ page for more details about how to do this.


This tool is provided for your convenience; use at your own risk. Achieving "No differences found" on this page does not guarantee that you will earn any particular grade on an assignment.