Resources for Qt Creator

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Students in the CS106B/courses use Qt Creator to write C++ programs. Qt Creator is an integrated development environment (IDE) with tools to edit, build, run, and debug programs.

Installing Qt Creator

Qt Creator is installed on the campus cluster computers. Students may also choose to install Qt Creator on their own computers.

We have prepared installation guides for each operating system, choose the one for your computer. Please follow the instructions carefully and do not skip steps.

The final step of the installation is to build and run a sample project. If you have successfully done this, your installation is good to go! If you run into problems, check our troubleshooting guide.

Re-installing: If you already have Qt Creator on your computer, ensure it is up-to-date. To confirm what version you have, look in the Qt Creator menu for "About Qt Creator". For Summer Quarter 2021 the version number must be at least

Qt Creator 4.13.0 Based on Qt 5.15.0

The version number of your Qt Creator must be equal or newer (greater) than the above version. If the version you have installed is older, delete your existing Qt folder and make a fresh install by following the steps above. If the Qt you already have is sufficiently up-to-date, you only need to install the CS106 specific components.

Creating a new Qt project

Our 📦 sample project is a blank/empty project can be used as a template for creating a new project with the proper CS106 settings.

Using Qt Creator

Here are some guides on using the tools.

The QT guides have been written and maintained by legions of wonderful CS106B staff members.