CS101 - Introduction to Computing Principles

Instructor: Ashley Taylor

Welcome to CS101, an introduction to the key ideas of computing.

Fall lecture: Tu/Thu 3:00-4:20 in Gates B12. Please bring a laptop to class to follow along with the in-class exercises.

For high schools or other outside groups, a version of the materials are freely available at introcomputing.org.

Course Schedule

Week Day Lecture Notes Readings
1 Tuesday Introduction and Computer Software Introduction to Code
Running and Operating Systems
Languages and Open Source
Thursday Computer Hardware Computer Hardware
Homework 1 due Wednesday, October 3 Written Exercises
Code Exercises
2 Tuesday Data and Storage Bits and Bytes
Bits and Gigabytes
Thursday Images Image-1 Introduction
RGB Everywhere
Image-2 Code
Homework 2 due Wednesday, October 10 Written Exercises
Variable Exercises
Image Exercises
3 Tuesday For Loops
Code from Lecture
Thursday If Statements
Code from Lecture
If Statements
More If Statements
Homework 3 due Wednesday, October 17 Written Exercises
Code Exercises Part 1
Code Exercises Part 2
4 Tuesday Fancy Filters
Code from Class
Advanced Bluescreen
Thursday Spreadsheets and Data
Introduction to Tables
Fancier If Statements
Boolean Logic
Boolean Not
Nom Nom Exercise
Counting with Tables
More Counting with Tables
Homework 4 due Wednesday, October 24 Written Exercises
Code Exercises Part 1
5 Tuesday Artificial Intelligence WIRED article on pitfalls of AI
Google's Letter to Investors
Thursday Midterm Review
No Homework! Paper due November 16, 11:59PM
6 Tuesday Midterm October 30 (in class, STLC 115) Reference Sheet
Cover Page
Spring 2018 Midterm
Spring 2018 Midterm Solutions
Thursday The Internet Introduction to Networks
The Internet
Homework 5 due Wednesday, November 7
Written Exercises
7 Tuesday Servers and Backend
Thursday Core Application Components
Homework 6 due Wednesday, November 14 Written Exercises
8 Tuesday Clients and Frontend The Web
Thursday Human-Computer Interaction
Homework 7 due Wednesday, November 28 Written Exercises
9 Tuesday Security Passwords
Bad Guys
Safe Practices
Thursday Cryptocurrency and Privacy Web Economics
From the Headlines
TCP/IP Tracking
Government vs. Internet
Homework 8 due Wednesday, December 5 Written Exercises
10 Tuesday Theory and Conclusions CS101 Conclusions
Quantum Computing Video
Thursday Final Review
Monday, December 10, 8:30-11:30AM
Rm 200-203 (Main Quad)
Final Spring 2018 Final
Spring 2018 Final Solutions
Fall 2018 Final Solutions