Starting in Week 2, you’ll have weekly hour-long small group discussion section meetings hosted by your section leader (an undergraduate TA), who is also your mentor and grader in the course. The section materials for each week consist of a set of problems for further practice with recent lecture topics. For that reason, to attend section you should be up to date on lecture viewing. You don't need to have understood everything in lecture perfectly, but your section leader won't be able to effectively guide you and the other students in your section through the problems unless everyone is at least caught up on viewing. Solutions to the section exercsies will be added under the webite "Sections" tab at the end of the week, for your use as assignment code templates or exam studying.

Active participation in section is required for all students. Choose a participation style that is comfortable for you, including asking questions, contributing answers, and participating in pair discussions with fellow students.

Common questions about sections

How do I sign up for section?

Section signups are conducted on the CS198 section portal (do not sign-up for sections on Axess). The section portal will open signups on Thursday, September 23 at 5:00 pm PDT and close on Sunday, September 26 at 5:00 pm PDT. Section sign-ups are not first-come first-serve, rather you submit your preferences and after submissions close the staff will construct a schedule and email you your assigned section.

How is section participation graded?

Section participation will be graded on this scale:

  • 2 : Showed up to section on time, followed section norms, participated in an engaged manner
  • 1 : Showed up to section late, minimal participation
  • 0 : Did not show up to section, or did not follow established section norms and policies

What should I do if I must miss a section meeting?

If you miss your section in a given week, you can attend another section that week to make up your absence. Make sure to let the section leader whose section you attend know that you're there. That way, they can let your section leader know that you went to an alternate section for the week. A list of all section times can be found on the CS198 section portal.

How do I become a section leader someday?

You can apply during/after completing 106B. Come join us! Information about applying can be found on the CS 198 Website.