CS106B: Programming Abstractions in C++
Autumn 2019
Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10:30am to 11:20am in Bishop Aud (in Lathrop Library building)


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6 - Linked Lists
5 - Patient Queue
4 - Boggle
3 - Recursion, Fractals
2 - N-Grams
1 - Mad Libs


Wed Oct 30th

Mon Dec 9th


Lecturer: Cynthia Lee
Gates 190
M/W 11:30am-12:30pm

Head TA: Katherine Erdman
Gates B02 (basement)
Tu/Th 1:30pm-2:30pm


Midterm Exams Graded

SOLUTIONS: The solutions are posted on the exams page.


  • Regrade requests will open on Gradescope on Wednesday Nov 6, and are due by 11:59pm on Wednesday, Nov 13.
  • You must submit your regrade request through Gradescope. You may NOT ask staff to "just take a quick look at" a regrade request you are considering submitting in office hours or on Piazza or by email etc.
  • Your regrade request must show clear evidence that you read and carefully considered the provided solutions. This could include saying that you coded up your solution in QT and actually tried testing it and comparing its output to the solution, or other convincing explanations.
  • Your regrade request must specifically identify which rubric item(s) were incorrectly applied to your solution, and why. Since everyone was graded on the same rubric, saying, "I know X was wrong, but a deduction of Y points seems too harsh," is asking for your exam to be graded differently from everyone else in the class, which is unfair. Regrade requests of this type will be closed and not receive a response.
  • The purpose of regrades is to make sure that you receive all the credit you deserve for your hard work. Even if it is just one point, if it's a point you earned, I want you to have it! Although it is never my philosophy to go hunting for new points to deduct when a student submits a regrade request, if a reconsideration of the grading brings to our attention an error in either direction, we reserve the right to make the correction.
  • It's unfortunate that I need to say this, but your regrade request must be communicated in a polite, professional, and respectful manner. Abusive language directed at our hardworking SL grading staff will not be tolerated.

Discrepancies with Code Step By Step Results

As students mentioned earlier this week on piazza, Code Step By Step has not been properly noting when a student has successfully passed all of the test cases. Unfortunately, this issue has now been noted on the Instructor's side of Code Step By Step as well. To ensure that you get credit for completing this warmup problem, please bring your computer to your IG for HW3 to show your section leader successful completion of printBinary(). If you are a SCPD student and on Code Step By Step printBinary() is not showing as "solved" (with the green checkmark next to the problem name) please email your section leader (whom you can find by logging into cs198.stanford.edu and clicking on "Profile") a screenshot of your Code Step By Step results. Apologize for the inconvenience!

Late Section Sign-ups and Swaps

Section assignments will be available at cs198.stanford.edu today at 5pm. If you are now unable to make the section you were initially assigned, or were placed in a different section than your chosen partner, please try and sign up for any section that has space using the form at cs198.stanford.edu. If for any reason you are unable to do so, please email Katherine (kerdman@stanford.edu) to arrange a swap. Section rosters will be frozen on Friday, October 4th at 3pm PDT, so please ensure that any necessary section changes are made before then.
If you were unable to submit your section preferences, late section sign-ups will open today at 5pm at the same site, cs198.stanford.edu. Please sign up for a section as soon as possible as section times will begin Wednesday afternoon.

Katherine's OH Cancelled This Week

Just a reminder that Katherine's office hours are cancelled this week as she'll be at a conference. There will still be OH after class on Wednesday from 11:30am - 12:30pm. In addition, if you'd like help outside of that time the LaIR is open Sunday to Thursday 7:00 - 11:00pm.

QT Creator Install Help

Just a reminder that the Qt Creation Installation Help Session will be on Thursday, September 25th (tomorrow) from 7:30 - 9:30pm. The session will be where the LaIR is normally held, in Tressider by Decadence. As a note, the most common Qt Creation Installation issues are described in the Qt Creator Troubleshooting Guide. If you're running into issues, that is a great first place to start!

Lecture Videos

My apologies to those who were not able to find a seat in today's lecture! I'm working with the University to see if we can find another room, but we might be stuck and need to rely on some students opting to watch videos if a larger room can't be found. In the mean time, today's lecture video is now available on Canvas. Links on the Lecture Schedule page. All lectures throughout the quarter will be recorded and posted there.


Welcome to CS106B! I am so excited to meet all of you! Class starts Monday September 23 at 10:30am in Bishop Auditorium.

FAQ: Autumn quarter of CS106B will have videos of lecture, created through the SCPD program. (SCPD is responsible for video production on campus, and they generally do each different course once per year.)