Instructor: Marty Stepp
TA: Kate Rydberg - see Staff/SLs page for our contact info.


  • [] Homework 7 (Trailblazer; graphs) is now posted in the Homework area. HW7 depends on material from Fri 11/16's lecture, which was cancelled due to weather. But you can still start on the assignment and work on most of its algorithms. You can also watch ahead to the equivalent lecture videos on A* Search and Kruskal's Algorithm from a previous quarter to get ready to finish the rest of HW7. HW7 YEAH hours are to be announced.
  • [] Cancellations due to weather: Because of the polluted air due to the California wildfire, Stanford has cancelled all classes for today, Friday 11/16. There will be no lecture that day, and all sections that day are cancelled. (If you are enrolled in a Friday section, you will not lose any participation points for missing this week's section.) Marty and the course staff are not reachable on campus, but you can contact us via email or Piazza.

    The late turnin cut-off for HW5 will not change. The last time you can turn in HW5 for 2 "days" worth of lateness is today, Fri 11/16, at 5pm.

  • [] CS 193A Android app class: Marty will be teaching a course next quarter called CS 193A about Android app development. 193A is generally expected to be less work and easier than CS 106B. The course is targeted for students who have completed 106B. Ownership of Android device not required. The course is entirely based on projects and sections; there are no exams. If you are interested, fill out this form to receive a permission code to add the class!
  • [] Upcoming holiday week: There will be no class during the week of November 19-23 due to the Thanksgiving holiday. There is also no section that week. The LaIR will not be open, and instructor/TA office hours will not be held. You can still reach course staff by email and Piazza if you have questions.
  • [] Homework 6 (20 Questions; binary trees) is now posted in the Homework area. HW6 YEAH hours were Tue 11/13 at 4pm in 200-030. The HW6 YEAH slides have now been posted on the Homework page.
  • [] Grade stats are now available. We have posted a grade stats page. You can search for a summary of how you are doing in the course and see your approximate percentile relative to other students in the class. See the Course Information handout for a rough mapping of percentiles to letter grades.
  • [] Midterm scores are now published on GradeScope. You can check your score by creating a GradeScope account using your Stanford email address. If the site asks you for a course entry code, you can use this one: 9XX2ZJ Midterm exam, answer key, score stats, and information about regrades are also posted in the Exams area.
  • [] Extra late day: Effective immediately, every CS 106B student gets +1 extra late day, raising your total for the quarter to 5. Hopefully this will help you manage the assignment schedule for the rest of the quarter. Enjoy!
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