CS106B Programming Abstractions

Fall Quarter 2021
Lecture MWF 11am-12n in Bishop Auditorium


What's happening this week
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Date Lecture
Monday, November 29th Wrap
Wednesday, December 1st Ask Us Anything
Friday, December 3rd No class


Assignment 7: Huffman Coding is out now. It will be due back on Wednesday, December 1st at 11:59PM. This is the last assignment of the quarter 🥳. Have fun!


This week in section we'll be reviewing material for the final. Have fun!

End of Quarter Final Exam

The final will be on Monday, December 6th. The testing period will open at 12:01AM and will close at 11:59PM. Unless you've been told otherwise, you will have 3 hours to take the final. Stay tuned for a post on Ed regarding logistics and more sample materials to help you prepare!