LaIR helper hours

What are LaIR helper hours?

LaIR helper hours are an additional set of office hours staffed by our awesome fleet of section leaders. At the LaIR, students can get individual help with debugging and conceptual questions.


  1. The LaIR help queue is open Sunday-Thursday this quarter. To sign up for help, add your request to the queue using the LaIR signup page.
  2. You will use the "ohyay" video platform to join your 1-on-1 meeting with the section leader that is assigned to service your help request. In order to get help, you should navigate to the link for LaIR ( and log in with your Stanford credentials. This will lead you to a video platform called “ohyay,” where all LaIR sessions will be hosted this quarter. When you click on the link, there will be a landing page that explains how to use ohyay and how to sign up in the queue to get help.

Weekly schedule

LaIR runs Sunday-Thursday, 7-11PM Pacific Time

Common questions about LaIR

I tried to sign up for the LaIR helper queue, but the queue was closed, even though now is within the open hours for the LaIR.

In times of peak demand, the helpers may need to close the queue to new requests before the end of the open hours. We do this to ensure that we have sufficient resources to assist all students in the queue before the end of the shift.