The LaIR


  1. The LaIR help request queue is open Sundays-Wednesdays from 5pm to 9pm this quarter, although the times at which minors/non-minors are able to get help depends on the day (see schedule below for more details) . To sign up help, add your request to the queue using the Paperless Remote Student Portal.
  2. When a section leader takes your request, they will set up a new Zoom meeting and invite you (or use the Zoom url that you inputted when signing up to get help). We ask that you please be aware of where you are in the queue and are attentive to Zoom when it is your turn to be helped. Our system will send you an email once you are close to the front of the queue. If a section leader is unable to get ahold of you, they will shoot you a quick email to try and troubleshoot and then will move to the next person in the queue. If you become active soon afterwards and the section leader is able to get in contact with you, they will come back and service your request immediately after finishing their current one. Requests will be limited to 15 minutes in order to get to everyone in the queue.
  3. The most important thing we want to ask of you all to help this run smoothly is to get Zoom set up and working before signing up in the queue, and making sure to be attentive to meeting invites after you have signed up for help. With all of your help, we can get you the help you need!


Please see the week one schedule for special hours during the first week of classes.

LaIR for adults (18+)

Day Time
Sunday 7-9pm PDT
Monday 9-11am PDT (only if you cannot make it to evening LaIR)
Monday 5-7pm PDT
Tuesday 7-9pm PDT
Wednesday 5-7pm PDT

LaIR for minors (<18)

Day Time
Sunday 5-7pm PDT
Monday 7-9pm PDT
Tuesday 9-11am PDT (only if you cannot make it to evening LaIR)
Tuesday 5-7pm PDT
Wednesday 7-9pm PDT

Week 1 LaIR times

This schedule is only for the first week of classes.

Day Time Adults/Minors
Tuesday, June 23 5-7pm PDT Minors
Tuesday, June 23 7-9pm PDT Adults
Wednesday, June 24 9-11am PDT (only if you cannot make it to evening LaIR) Minors + Adults
Wednesday, June 24 5-7pm PDT Adults
Wednesday, June 24 7-9pm PDT Minors


My Zoom isn’t working. Can I still get help?

Yes! Still signup as usual. If you know when you signup that your Zoom isn’t working, you can leave a note in the request so that the section leader knows to email you once it’s your turn to troubleshoot. If your Zoom stops working after you’ve signed up, you can respond to the email the section leader sends to let them know you need to get help using a different platform (like Google Meet).

My microphone isn’t working! What should I do?

The Zoom invitation includes a phone number that you can call from a phone. You can use your phone as the microphone and audio source for your call rather than your computer’s built-in microphone if necessary.

What should I do if my internet is slow or lagging?

Consider temporarily turning off your video stream and only maintaining the audio stream. Sometimes, running the web camera on your computer will use up the internet’s bandwidth in a way that might make communication challenging. Turning off the video should improve communication quality and consistency. If your connection is still not working well enough to share your screen, you can email your code to the section leader helping you. However, note that emailing a zip file generally will not work, so you may have to email them just a specific code file or upload a zip of the whole project to Google Drive and share the Drive link with the section leader. Then, the section leader will attempt to use Zoom audio or a phone call to discuss your code with you.

I’m having issues with installing the software necessary for the class. What should I do?

If you’re having issues with installing or setting up the software required for the class, the section leader will try to help you figure it out. However, sometimes it is helpful for the SL to be able to debug the issue using your computer. Therefore, they may ask you to enable Zoom’s remote control access tool. First, you should select “Share Screen” and pick the window you would like to share (note that the SL will be able to control whatever you decide to share, so we recommend sharing your entire desktop with them if you are comfortable with this). The SL will then request to control your screen (there should be a pop up asking for your permission). You may have to enable settings in your computer’s preferences in order to activate this option. Once enabled, the section leader will be able to control your computer as though they are sitting at it. This is very useful for troubleshooting software issues; however, if you are uncomfortable with this, let the section leader know, and they can try to give you verbal instructions for how to troubleshoot your IDE issues.

I tried to sign up for the LaIR helper queue, but the queue was closed, even though now is within the open hours for the LaIR.

In times of peak demand, the helpers may need to close the queue to new requests before the end of the open hours. We do this to ensure that we have sufficient resources to assist all students in the queue before the end of the shift.