Common questions about lectures

What tools will I need?

If you want to watch the video live, you should be able to use Zoom in some form or another. It would be best to have a video feed if watching live. I.e., calling in from your phone would work, but seeing the slides and code in real-time is going to be beneficial. If you must call in, you should also try to have the slides up on your computer at the same time. Alternatively, you can download the videos after the class ends, and watch them without an Internet connection.

How can I ask a question on a Webinar?

You can pose questions using the Zoom Q&A feature, which will be moderated by the members of the course staff that are not lecturing.

What if I live in a time zone such that is inconvenient to watch the class live?

You can download the videos to watch at any time after the class meeting time (after we have posted them).

Can I run code examples myself?

Yes – we will either have a Qt project for you to download, or you should be able to keep a blank project open in Qt and type the code as we do. In general, we advise against doing this during class, but if you are watching the video and want to pause the video to test the code, that would work well.