Assignment 0. Welcome to CS106B!

Due Friday, September 18 at 11:59 pm Pacific

  • There is no grace period for this assignment. The deadline is firm and no late submissions can be accepted.
  • In this course, we express all date/times in Pacific time GMT -7. Our Paperless submission system also displays/records due dates and submission times in Pacific time.

Welcome to CS106B! This assignment is designed to help you get your development environment set up and running so that you can compile, run, and debug programs. There isn't any actual programming involved, and we hope that this doesn't take you too much time to complete. Remember, you don't need to understand what the code you're being asked to run is actually doing just yet. Over the course of the quarter, each of the different parts of this program will be illuminated! This assignment must be completed individually.

Step 1) Install Qt Creator

Your first task is to configure your computer for Qt Creator, the development environment that we'll be using in CS106B this quarter. Follow the instructions in the Qt Installation Guide for your operating system.

If you run into trouble installing Qt Creator, don't panic! The course staff will be holding a Qt Creator help session virtually on Zoom from 6:00PM – 8:00PM PDT on Thursday, September 17. If you run into issues, you can also post on Ed and we can help you out there.

Step 2) Download starter project

We will configure a starter project with the files needed for each assignment and post it in the form of a ZIP archive. Download the archive and unzip.

Step 3) Hash your name

Open the project in Qt Creator and build and run the program. It will ask you to enter your (preferred) first and last names. When you do, it will give back a hash code, a special number associated with your name. You can think of your hash code as a “fingerprint” associated with your name that's unlikely to be the same as anyone else's fingerprint. Write this number down; you'll need it to complete the assignment!

Step 4) Use the debugger

Open the debugger tutorial. This wonderful guide written by Keith Schwarz walks you through using the debugger on the Name Hash program. Follow along with the step-by-step instructions. At some point, you'll be asked to remember a number. Write this number down; you'll need it to complete the assignment!

Step 5) Read about the Honor Code

You are required to read our handout CS106B and the Honor Code before submitting assignments. Do this now before proceeding to the final step.

Step 6) Submit

Once you've finished everything, fill out the form at the following URL:

This form will ask for the numbers from Steps 3 and 4, along with some questions about who you are, why you're awesome, and what your learning environment will look like this quarter. And that's it! You're done!