Questions from prospective students

Are you a prospective student looking for information about how the course will be structured in the Fall 2020 virtual quarter? You're in the right place!

How will lectures be delivered? Is attendance required? Will they be recorded?

Lectures will be delivered live MWF 10am on Zoom. We encourage you to join us live if possible, but recordings will also be posted to Canvas for later asynchronous viewing. Read more about lectures.

How will sections work? Is attendance required?

Sections will meet weekly on Zoom and your attendance and participation in section is required and contributes 10% of your course grade. Note the section times listed in Axess are not accurate. Section times will be arranged in the first week of the quarter. Read more about section.

Will there be exams?

We will not have traditional in-class timed exams this quarter and instead will experiment with alternative assessment formats that give students the opportunity to reflect on their understanding of the course material. There will be a mid-quarter diagnostic and a end-quarter personal project. Read more about assessments.

I am currently unable to enroll on Axess. How can I shop the course in the meantime?

Canvas has recently enabled course shopping and we configured our Canvas site to be "open for shopping"; this allows you to access videos without enrolling. Note that you must be formally enrolled on Axess to submit work for grading.

Do you allow auditors?

Auditors are welcome to attend lecture, access website materials, and work section and assignments on their own without submitting. We will not be able to grade work from auditors, nor be able to accommodate them in the lab sections, helper hours, or the online forum.

How do I choose which of the intro courses is right for me?

Most incoming students find the right place by starting in either CS106A or CS106B, or, more rarely, in CS107. Read more about course placement.

What is CS100B?

This companion course provides extra support to students from under-resourced backgrounds. It is part of the Pathfinders/ACE program jointly sponsored by the CS department and the School of Engineering. Enrollment is by application, read more at

What is CS106L?

Although we write programs in C++, CS106B is not a course in the C++ language. The CS106L course is the companion course to add if you want deeper study of the C++ language features and standard libraries. Read more about course placement.

Still have unanswered questions?

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