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(Old EE281 links page, still has some good information and resources)


  • Atmel AVR and other AVR-related links
    • Atmel AVR Homepage - the manufacturer of AVR processors
    • Atmel AVRStudio - Assembler and Programmer for Atmel AVR processors
    • AVRfreaks website - great news, forum, example projects, and other information about AVR processors
    • AVR-GCC - the best free compiler for AVR processors (web page | download)
    • LIBC Reference - a listing of all the special C commands available in AVRGCC
    • AVR Web-ring - web rings are a little cheezy, but hey, this one's got lots of good info
  • Other Courses Using AVR processors
  • AVR Operating Systems
    • AvrX Real-time operating system/kernel
    • uC/OS Real-time OS/kernel operates on many kinds of processors
  • AVR Ethernet Projects
  • AVR MP3 Projects
    • - listings and links to hundreds of MP3 projects, many use the AVR
    • YAMPP - mp3 player project and web-shop with mp3 player parts and PC boards
  • Part Selection Guides
    • IC MASTER, a cross-reference index, is free at their Web site, This is a very well known cross-reference manual giving important component finding information.

Places to get components

Mail Order:

  • Digikey (
    Digikey is a major distributer of electronic components, test equipment, tools, and other supplies. Although their prices are standard commercial rates (not surplus), they almost always have stock on hand and you can rely on them to deliver any quantity you need, quickly.
  • All Electronics (
    All Electronics is a large mail-order vendor with a vast array of new and surplus parts for sale.  Check them out for basic electronics needs, or for their assortment of random surplus parts like LCDs, motors, lasers, etc.
  • AZ Displays (
    AZ Displays is a commercial LCD manufacturer and distributer. Although they are a commercial distributer with all the benefits of large product line and good stock, they have excellent prices for both graphic and character-based LCDs. Their prices occasionally meet or rival that of surplus stores for harder-to-find graphic LCDs.
  • CrystalFontz  (
    CrystalFontz is a distributer of graphic and character LCD modules, as well as CPU/server monitoring hardware.  They have only a moderate selection, but the parts they carry are quite good.
  • BG Micro (
    BG Micro is a small mail-order outfit with a quirky selection of parts. Often a good source of LCDs, motors, LEDs, and other random parts.
  • Timeline (
    Timeline Inc. sells all kinds of bizarre electronic stuff. Check them out particularly if you're looking for graphic or character LCDs, lasers, or CCD image sensors.  Their prices are extremely low.
  • Electronix Express
  • Small Parts Inc.

Local Stores (mail order usually possible too):

  • Jameco (
    Jameco, like Digikey, stocks a wide variety of electronic components, test equipment, tools, computers and peripherals, and more. However, Jameco has an advantage in that they sell both new and surplus electronic components. This means that Jameco is often cheaper than Digikey, but their stock varies more often and items available now may not be available in three months. Jameco is located in Belmont,CA on the peninsula.  If you want to pick up an order and save on shipping, mark your order "will call".
  • Halted Specialties (
    8-7 M-F 9-6 Sat (408) 732-1573
    3500 Ryder St, Santa Clara, CA 95051
    Halted is a surplus electronics outlet that deals in all kinds of electronic components, computer hardware and peripherals, some tools, and kits. Halted is particularly good for the usual resistors, capacitors, diodes, leds, transistors, connectors, inductors, transformers, and typical logic and analog ICs. In addition to this they have a good selection of other fun stuff like cheap cables, fans, LED/LCD displays, random boards with good parts, miniature video cameras, motors, lasers, RAM, processors, etc. I highly recommend stopping by their sunnyvale store to see what's available. There's far too much stuff to list here.
  • Alltronics (
    9-6 M-F 10-3 Sat  (408) 943-9773
    2300 Zanker Rd, San Jose, CA 95131-1114

    Alltronics is like Halted but somewhat less organized. Less organized sometimes translates into cheaper. They're located in San Jose.
  • Advanced Component Electronics
    8:30-5:30 M-F (408) 297-1383 
    1534 Berger Dr, San Jose, CA 95112

    Note: Excellent IC selection
  • Anchor Electronics
    Corner of Scott and Walsh
    Directions: If you're going down Scott away from Santa Clara University, take a left on Walsh and Anchor is the second building on the left. They've got a pretty noticeable sign.

Circuit Literature (design ideas, theory, and schematics)

  • Radio Shack  9-9 M-F 10-7 Sat &Sun  (408) 243-8050
    2770 El Camino Real (Moonlight Shopping Center)
    Santa Clara, CA 95051
    Note: great notes on circuit ideas Engineer's Mini-Notebook by Forrest M. Mims III ($2/ea and worth their weight in gold) 

Used Computer Related Equipment

  •  WEIRD STUFF Inc. 9:30-6 M-Sat   (408) 743-5650
    384 West Caribbean Dr. 
    Sunnyvale, CA 94089
    Note: unofficially will give a 10% off if you show your ID card, lots of old computers

Cheap Tools (for Mechanical Eng.)

  •  Post Tool        8-6 M-F, 9-5 SAT 10-4 SUN (408) 295-0230
    1691 West San Carlos St., San Jose
    Note: Stevens Creek turns into San Carlos St. going east
  • Harbor Freight Tool 8-6 M-F 8:30-5:30 Sat 10-4 Sun (510) 793-5425
    39155 Cedar Blvd. (exit west on Mowry from 880 N then take left on Cedar)
    Newark, CA 
    Note: farther away but very very cheap tools (a tap and die set costs $15)