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Dec 20, 2003

Project Page

Autumn 2003 Project Details

  • Project Requirements
    • Must accomplish some non-trivial worthwhile task
    • Must have some user input
    • Must have some tangible user output
    • Must use an AVR processor
      • You can use any AVR processor you like, not just the ones presented in class
      • Your project may incorporate more than one AVR or use other additional processors however the AVR must serve a non-trivial purpose in your project
    • Must be constructed in a method more permanent than breadboarding
      • Examples: Soldered "Vectorboard", wire-wrap, printed-circuit board
    • Projects can not incorporate the STK500, or any other lab equipment
      • Of course for development, you're welcome to use whatever you like.
    • Project ideas must be pre-approved by the professor or the TA.

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