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| Welcome to the EDIP Web Site |

This site is designed to help women learn more about the risks and benefits of egg donation. Unlike many current resources on the web, this site is not affiliated with a donor recruitment agency, medical clinic, or egg bank. The information provided here is intended to be accurate and unbiased and should be used to supplement advice from your physician.

| About this Project |

Egg donation is a relatively unregulated industry. While most clinics ensure high standards of care and thoroughly inform women about risks of donation, some physicians or agencies may downplay potential complications or provide substandard medical treatment to donors.

Research has shown that women need to receive more comprehensive information regarding physical invasiveness, time demands, and psychological issues related to egg donation. A recent Stanford University study by Amber Johnson showed that some recruitment agencies and clinics, especially those offering high payment for eggs, may not adequately protect the health and safety of donors.

Without increased regulation or legislative action, some parties will continue to disregard professional standards and put the health of women at risk. This site is designed to help empower women to make informed decisions about egg donation and to select care providers that adhere to high standards of treatment.

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