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| Egg Donor Recruitment |

Egg donors are in high demand, and many infertile couples are currently searching for donors. Some couples and clinics require only that donors be in good health, while others seek donors with very specific characteristics such as high SAT scores or athletic ability. Many infertile couples try to select donors with physical characteristics similar to themselves.

Anonymous Donation

Fertile women who undergo ovarian hyperstimulation and retrieval for the purpose of providing eggs for unknown women are known as anonymous donors. These donors are typically offered financial compensation and may be recruited through campus newspapers, other print media, or Internet advertisements. Egg donation programs and specialized attorneys generally handle the recruitment and screening of anonymous egg donors and the transactions with the recipient couples. Potential donors should think carefully about the psychological and legal implications of anonymous donation.
Donor Recruitment Ads in the Stanford Daily.
(2000 - 2001)

Donation to a Known Recipient

Infertile patients may sometimes recruit relatives, close friends, or acquaintances to donate eggs. These donors may or may not be compensated and should undergo the same medical and psychological screening process as unknown donors. Special ethical considerations emerge from the use of known donors, as the relationship between donors, recipients, and possible biological offspring may change over time. If one party wishes to keep the donation private but the other does not, social and legal problems can result. Because of these issues, most clinics are moving towards the increased use of anonymous donors.

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