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» American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)

The national, professional organization of gynecologists and infertility specialists. This group establishes clinical standards of care and recommendations for treatment. They have also published fact sheets on the risks of in vitro fertilization and ovulation-inducing drugs, as well as a helpful booklet for sperm donors, egg donors, and surrogate mothers. This site also provides access to the medical journal Fertility and Sterility.

» Human Reproduction

A British medical journal which addresses reproductive health and assisted reproductive technologies. Can be accessed on-line or found at medical libraries.

» Journal of Women's Health

Sometimes publishes articles related to egg donation, although the focus of the journal is more clinical than sociological. Can be accessed on-line or found at medical libraries.

» New Ways of Making Babies

A book edited by Cynthia Cohen, a researcher of ethics at Georgetown University. Gives good background on the ethical issues surrounding egg donation.

» Resolve - The National Infertility Lobby

Publishes fact sheets for infertile couples, lobbies for insurance coverage of infertility treatment, and issues policy recommendations related to assisted reproductive technologies. Provides helpful guidelines for women searching for infertility specialists.

» WebMD

A reputable, Internet-based medical resource. Provides searchable information on health conditions, medical procedures, and drugs therapies.