Students 2012-2013

Esra ThumbEsra Burak Ho (Sociology)

Public Opinion on Executive Pay in the United States: Can Extraordinary Merit Justify Extremely High Pay?

Jeanette ThumbJeanette Bustamante (Political Science)

Latinos in America: Immigrant Political Behavior Beyond SES

Lucila ThumbLucila Figueroa (Political Science)

American Norms and Political Public Opinion

Rachel ThumbRachel Gillum (Political Science)

Muslim-American Integration, Alienation and Government Relations in the Post-9/11 Environment

Erica ThumbErica Greenberg (Education)

Preferences for Preschool: The Universal/Targeted Debates in Public Opinion

Mackenzie ThumbMackenzie Israel-Trummel (Political Science)

Race, Gender, and American Voter Behavior

Sandra ThumbSandra Nakagawa (Sociology)

Gender Identity Maintenance and Health Disparities between Men and Women

Lauren ThumbLauren Prather (Political Science)

Fighting Poverty at Home and Abroad: Explaining Attitudes Towards Redistribution

Beth ThumbBeth Red Bird (Sociology)

Segregations in Micro-Interactions

valant_thumbJon Valant (Education)

Governed by Choice: How School Choosers and the Public Assess School Quality and Respond to Information

Dave ThumbDavid Vannette (Communication)

The Effects of News Media Representations of Public Opinion on (future) Public Opinion

Alec ThumbAlexander W. Watts (Sociology)

The Morality of Status

weissthumbRebecca Weiss (Communication)

The Impact of Partisan Identity Salience on Self-Reported Political Behaviors

Frannie ThumbFrannie Zlotnick (Political Science)

Who Represents the Labor Movement? Implications of Demographic Change On Public Support and Institutional Power of Labor in American Politics