Elizabeth Sattely

Sattely_head shot_2018

Elizabeth Sattely, PhD
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering and HHMI Investigator
Fellow, Stanford ChEM-H Institute 

Stanford University & HHMI
443 Via Ortega
Shriram Center for Biological and Chemical Engineering
Room 271
Stanford, CA 94305

sattely [at] stanford [dot] edu
(650) 724-5928

Elizabeth Sattely is an Associate Professor and HHMI Investigator in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Stanford and a Stanford ChEM-H Faculty Fellow. Dr. Sattely completed her graduate training at Boston College in organic chemistry and her postdoctoral studies in biochemistry at Harvard Medical School where she worked on natural product biosynthesis in bacteria. Inspired by human reliance on plants and plant-derived molecules for food and medicine, the Sattely laboratory is focused on the discovery and engineering of plant metabolic pathways to make molecules that can enhance human and plant health. Work in the Sattely lab has been recognized by an NIH New Innovator Award, a DOE Early Career Award, an HHMI-Simons Faculty Scholar Award, a DARPA Young Investigator Award, and a AAAS Mason Award for Women in the Chemical Sciences.