Welcome to the Spormann Lab website!

Our laboratory is interested in understanding core molecular metabolism and physiology of prokaryotic microorganisms involved in environmental, bioenergy, and intestinal processes. In particular, we focus on two areas:

1) the molecular mechanisms of electron flow in energy conservation of key anaerobic microorganisms, and

2) the control of allocation of cellular energy under slow growth conditions.

In both research areas, we use quantitative biochemical, proteomic, transcriptomic and metabolomic approaches in conjunction with genetic analyzes and modeling. Next to providing insights into fundamentals of microbial life, our findings are used to develop innovative approaches to bioenergy and CO2 mitigation, to treat intestinal microbial diseases, as well as develop new concepts of adaptation of microbial life in the marine deep subsurface.


Microbial metabolism and physiology, microbial biochemistry and enzymology, hydrogen and hydrogenases, CO2 reductions and utilizations, bioenergy