Humans, Nature, and Birds           

Checklist for Artists, Image Seekers, etc.


Checklist: (page 2)

  Tags to Add to Narrow Internet Search Results for Posted Images:

See Room 9 in the book and the accompanying notes for more on the difficulties of finding Science Art in Internet searches.

Copyright lines in captions, exhibit lists, and catalogues:

In print, insert key words after the artist’s name. Online, enter the copyright line as text, not a graphic, so it can be searched. [1] Here are examples.

© 2008 Jane Buck, Science Art--Birds [2]

© 2008 John Doe, Example of Science Art--Birds
John Doe, Avian Adaptation to Heat, 2008. Watercolor, 2 x 4 ft (60 x 120 cm), Example of Science Art--Birds Online

Web page metatags:

Insert key words into the metatag of the index html or into the metatag for the specific Web page featuring the image--for example,

© 2008 Jane Buck, Science Art Bird--Nature

2008 Darryl Wheye and Donald Kennedy


Joint ventures among researchers, artists, and donors make it possible to produce images that might be difficult to market but would be an asset in teaching and public education, especially when portraying aspects of conservation.

Exhibiting Science Art:

Physical Venues. To gain access to an exhibit space, whether academic, professional, or commercial, approach the individual responsible for managing it with samples of the work and your credentials. If you lack ties with the sponsor of the space, preferably make the approach in the company of an advocate who does have official ties. Leave a list of who will benefit and why.

Museums and galleries. Request that the artwork be identified as Science Art and that the label and associated information be included in related text, as described above.

Academic venues. Universities have an array of exhibit options, including art spaces, display cases, and miles of walls. High schools, public libraries, medical centers, and so forth, have display cases and wall spaces as well. When producing related Web pages that afford artists and sponsors opportunities to present exhibits virtually, provide printable captions and link related exhibits.

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