Humans, Nature and Birds          

Science Art from Cave Walls to Computer Screens

Sample of Images from the Book:


Chauvet Owl
Room 1:
Birds as Icons

Twittering Machine
Room 6:
Science Art as Its Own Category

Room 2:
Birds as Resources

Room 7:
Content, Style, and Medium

Great Auk
Room 3:
Birds as Teaching Tools

Two Stories
Room 8:
Importance of Captions

Greek Coin
Room 4:
Birds as a Means for Understanding Biology

Vultures and Crystals
Room 9:
From Public toVirtual Venues

Banding a Heron
Room 5:
Birds and Promoting Conservation

Attack the the Mist
Room 10:
Science Art, Birds, and Nature

© 2008 Darryl Wheye and Donald Kennedy

Notes for the Sample Images