Lower Gallery Map

As readers approach the Lower Gallery, they enter an exhibit that systematically "walks" them through five rooms.

Each room contains five works:

      Image 1 is from the Paleolithic or Neolithic
      Image 2 is from one from an ancient civilization
      Image 3 is from the Medieval period or the Renaissance
      Image 4 is from the 1600s or 1700s*
      Image 5 is relatively recent

Each room is devoted to a single category. Room 1, for
example, contains images that show birds as icons,
beginning with a Paleolithic image and ending with a
contemporary one. The sequence of categories is:

      Room 1   Birds as Icons
      Room 2   Birds as Resources for Human Use
      Room 3   Birds as Teaching Tools
      Room 4   Birds and Understanding Biology
      Room 5  Birds and Promoting Conservation


* as ornithology was becoming a science

© 2008 Darryl Wheye and Donald Kennedy

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