Humans, Nature, and Birds           

Checklist for Artists, Image Seekers, etc.



  Just as Science Art joins together science and art, the display of Science Art requires textual and visual material. Those who work with Science Art--artists, curators, publishers and other professionals, nature enthusiasts, donors, and patrons--have nontraditional information and extra-routine tasks to consider. The following checklist for labeling Science Art, forming collaborations, exhibiting Science Art, and using Science Art in teaching about environmental issues and in pursuing community activities , as well as for finding Science Art, finding artists who produce Science Art, and supporting Science Artists serves as a guide.

Labeling Science Art

Scientific Information to Add to Captions

1. Species portrayed (common and latinized names)

2. Aspects of science portrayed

3. Habitat type (including specific location)

4. Personal Information to add to Long Captions or Catalogue Listings

5. Artist’s biography--In the book see, for example, Brest van Kempen’s biography with Plate 45.

2008 Darryl Wheye and Donald Kennedy
6. Artist's bibliography, including publications that feature the artist and the artist’s work--see, for example, the following selected bibliography for Carel Pieter Brest van Kempen (In the book, see Plate 45), prepared in a style widely used in the sciences but here arranged with the most recent publication first. For another style of citation, also widely used, see the bibliography of the book. There are numerous other publications that Brest van Kempen illustrated or that profile his work.

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