Humans, Nature and Birds            

Science Art from Cave Walls to Computer Screens




For a Science Art caption, see the Frontispiece

Portrait of Robert Cheseman, 1533, by Hans Holbein the Younger
23 ¼ x 24 3/5 in. (59 x 62.5 cm)
Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis, The Hague. After restoration, 2004.Copyrights are vested in the Friends of the Mauritshuis Foundation–The Hague–Holland.

© 2008 Darryl Wheye and Donald Kennedy

Preface       What is Science Art
Foreword    Art, Science, & Birds by Paul R. Ehrlich

LOWER GALLERY   Bird Art over the Millennia

     Room 1    Birds as Icons
     Room 2    Birds as Resources for Human Use
     Room 3    Birds as Teaching Tools
     Room 4    Birds and Understanding Biology
     Room 5    Birds and Promoting Conservation

Thinking about Aesthetics, Bird
                        Art, and Nature

UPPER GALLERY  How Science and Art Overlap

     Room 6    Science Art as Its Own Category
     Room 7    Content, Style, and Medium
     Room 8    The Importance of Captions
     Room 9    From Public to Virtual Venues
     Room 10  Science Art, Birds, and Nature

Appendix 1   Timeline Linking the Study of
                        Birds, Technology, and Art
Appendix 2   A Science Art Checklist

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