Humans, Nature, and Birds           

Checklist for Artists, Image Seekers, etc.


Checklist: (page 5)

  Advocate the launching of additional registries that feature Science Art and specialize in particular flora or fauna, such as registries that provide information on artists producing images that are mammal-related, fish-related, or endangered-plant-related.

Support for Science Artists:

To commission or exhibit artists who specialize in Science Art consult artist registries specializing in Science Art, nature-related organizations, art groups, galleries, and museums. Examples are the Artist Registry for Ornithological Researchers, regional nature reserves, the Society of Animal Artists, and the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum.

To find material of use in preparing Science Art consult Web sites that provide information on the biology of birds and their conservation status.

Other Web sites provide images that can verify certain behaviors or particular plumage or other characteristics of the species being portrayed. Yet others provide timelines that can help verify the historical context when aspects of culture will be included in the art. Information on bird photography is available in many books and at the Web sites of high-profile individual photographers--for example, Arthur Morris--which can be very informative. See also the link "More About Science Ar" [5]

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