Mark Applebaum
Composer / Performer / Educator

Composition Pedagogy Symposium

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I find that, as a teacher of some experience, I am now in a position to modestly influence the direction of my field. As such, I conceived and hosted the first ever symposium on pedagogical praxis in graduate composition for which over one hundred faculty and students participated. Titled Pedagogical Praxis and Curricular Infrastructure in Graduate Music Composition: A Symposium to Analyze its Current State and Consider Reform, keynotes very given by eight distinguished colleagues at peer institutions:

Martin Bresnick, Yale University
Edmund Campion, University of California, Berkeley
Chaya Czernowin, Harvard University
Fred Lerdahl, Columbia University
Scott Lindroth, Duke Univesrity
Shulamit Ran, University of Chicago
Roger Reynolds, University of California, San Diego
Dan Trueman, Princeton University

I too gave a paper and included it in the subsequent volume I co-edited that was published in Contemporary Music Review. Plans are now underway for a follow-up symposium of even greater scope, including undergraduate composition and educational strategies relevant to public institutions, liberal arts colleges, community colleges, and conservatories.

A hard copy of the volume in Contemporary Music Review is included in the portfolio.