Mark Applebaum
Composer / Performer / Educator

Stanford Magazine Pieces

Aphasia score sample

Among my writings are four short humorous pieces for a general audience. Although not specifically about my work as a musician, they all relate to working in education or teaching at Stanford (although the second one only tenuously). This is not a principal part of my research, just an ancillary facet of my creative output.

And Now for Something Completely Different (published January, 2012)
A thorough summary of a medieval Oxford University ritual: high table.

The Bedbugs are Electronic (published November, 2013)
A cautionary tale for Google’s Eric Schmidt and CIA director John O. Brennan about surveillance.

Time Management: A Modest Proposal (published May, 2014)
A proposal for an alternative class schedule, complete with comical curricula.

"That's so random!" (PDF- 52KB) (a piece that has not yet been published)
An exceedingly sarcastic explanation of how professors confer grades.

Lastly, here are some thoughts on dealing with creative blocks. This is not an essay like the above ones, it is a set of responses to an interview for the Stanford Arts Institute’s Creative Insights Series.