Mark Applebaum
Composer / Performer / Educator

The Metaphysics of Notation (2008)

Aphasia score sample

Aphasia score sample

A 72-foot wide, hand-written graphic score, divided into twelve six-foot panels, requested by the Cantor Arts Center. The score was displayed for one year. Perceived as visual art during most of the week, performances occurred each Friday at noon by diverse performers from around the world. Intended for museum installation, versions can also be performed at individual concert events.

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The best introduction to The Metaphysics of Notation is Robert Arnold’s insightful documentary There Is No Sound in My Head:

The score, in animated, scrolling fashion (8 minutes), can be seen here:

These materials, and others, can be found on the Innova DVD The Metaphysics of Notation.

An article detailing the significant structural properties of the piece (Handbook for The Metaphysics of Notation for Oxford University Press’ forthcoming volume Music and Shape edited by Daniel Leech-Wilkinson and Helen Prior) appears in the Portfolio tab under Other Work. It can also be downloaded here (PDF-9MB).