I like to write code. Some software development is a necessary component of my research. This includes code for stimulus display, data processing and visualization, as well as various shell scripts. Most of the stuff that I think might be useful to others is available for download from the lab software repository. You should also have a look at the lab wiki, which is the main source of documentation for the lab software.

I also work on some projects for fun. These include:
  • Vischeck- a website where you can simulate the effects of various color deficits on images or websites. You can also download plugins for running the simulation yourself. The Vischeck code is now part of the Gimp open-source image processing package as display filter. Alex Wade and I started this around 2000 and it has grown to be somewhat popular. We wrote and maintain the code that runs the simulations and built the website using PHP.
  • TinyEyes- a website where you can simulate how a baby sees the world. This image processing site uses the same core simulation engine as vischeck, but uses spatial-color filter parameters that were estimated based on infant vision research.

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